Pre and post construction survey

A pre-construction survey provides clients with a detailed description of the subject structures condition prior to commencing work. This baseline, when compared to a post condition survey, enables you to track any potential impact from your construction activities and helps you address any claims which may arise. It also identifies potential issues with surrounding structures which can then be addressed appropriately.

Construction activity is likely to result in closer inspection from building owners. This may cause them to find cracks or conditions they believe are new, but which may in actuality pre-date the construction activity. This survey serves to preclude complaints and claims that often arise out of this common response.

Detailed digital photography and videography are used to document pre-existing conditions. Photos as well as written documentation are taken of the interior (when access is granted) and exterior of the subject building. Detailed documentation of existing conditions and their locations can be used for future reference. All existing items such as foundation walls, interior hallway, flooring materials and sidewalks are surveyed, photographed, and documented. General details about the structure, such as age, purchase date, history of repairs, etc. are obtained from the structures owner during the survey, when available. The general building materials used in the construction of the structure, water supply type, etc. are also documented.