Seismographic Monitoring Programs

TerraSure Services provides complete vibration monitoring programs to continuously monitor and record peak particle velocities at your job site. This data is used to generate alerts via a modem to the CM and other specified parties if the vibration threshold has been exceeded and allow them to take appropriate action.

We have a large inventory of the most up to date monitoring equipment available which will meet any vibration/acoustic monitoring needs. Our most popular seismograph is the Instantel™ Micromate®, a 4-channel unit, designed to monitor and transmit event data with one triaxial geophone which converts movement into an electric signal. We also carry the Minimate Pro 4 and Pro 6 which are used in specific circumstances. A microphone can also be incorporated into these systems, which allows for the recording and monitoring of decibel level or air over pressure caused by blasting.

Our featured package is a RVMS (real time vibration monitoring) system. This enables us to remotely program our instrumentation to automatically forward data to cell phones or email accounts minutes after a triggered event. This eliminates the need to manually obtain the data, while at the same time enabling you to make the proper adjustments based on the real time alerts.

We also offer hosting on our user friendly website. This enables us to proactively place many checks to the monitors which ensures continuous operations. The website also provides instant access to all current and past data. TerraSure also offers the option of installing alarms that are wired to the seismographs, so that whenever there is a triggered event, a strobe light or siren gives immediate notice to operators in the field.

TerraSure offers reasonable pricing and customized solutions for all of your needs.  All of our seismographs are available short term or long term, and are also available as a rental.